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As a licensed moving company in Gillette, we know the value of time and money of our customers. We have a great team of professional movers who are well-trained to deal with any moving services. From packaging your fragile items to moving your belongings across the country, we are here for you.

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Commercial Moves

We offer efficient commercial moving services at a minimal cost. Our staff will keep your possessions safe and sorted just like you want them.

Residential Moves

We care about you and your most important possessions. Gillette Movers offer the best residential moving services in the market handled by the well-trained movers.

Long Distance Moves

Long Distance moves require thorough planning and commitment. Therefore, our expert crew is here to make your moving secure and stress-free at a minimal cost.

Packing & Unpacking

Our team will make the stressful process of packaging and unpacking really fast and easy for you. We will make sure that nothing gets lost or broken while transiting your belongings.

Pickups & Hauloffs

We exclusively provide pick up and haul off services for junk and extra stash. Our skilled movers precisely know where to take this junk and get rid of it.

Valuable Moves

We also provide services for moving your valuables from across the town to across the country. Our staff will definitely take care of your valuables with extreme care

Piano Moves

We are experts at transporting Pianos across the country. If you want to move your piano anywhere in the United States, you can trust us with that. We know how to take care of it for you.

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How It Works

Moving really requires some serious planning and dedication. We at Gillette Movers make sure that this whole moving process goes smoothly and effieciently for you.

Get an Estimate

To get started with your moving process, get a free estimate right here at our website. It will tell you the estimated cost and the average time it will take to complete your moving process.


Plan Your Move

Planning is really important in moving. You need to consider a lot of things before getting started with the process. Try to make a list of things that are needed to be done before and during the process.


Schedule Your Move

Schedule each step carefully. When you will want to start packaging, time and day of your moving, getting rid of the stash and things like that. It will help you keep things on track and finish with the process on time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We provide a money-back guarantee for our moving services. We have a professional and honest movers team who are well-trained to deal with any moving issue you face.

Very friendly and cooperative service. I hired them for moving my furniture to Los Angeles. Really had a great experience with them.

– Jim Hardley

I must say they have a very quick service. The moving guys were at our door right on the time and they made the whole moving thing hell lot easier.

– Monica Gustav

They really took great care of the fragile items and helped us in their proper packaging without any extra charges. Really appreciate the gesture!!

– David Cox

How do I make my move faster?

Start, by scheduling things ahead of time. Put all the loose stuff in the boxes. Besides, our team members will do much as they can to make your moving process even faster.

How is the cost of my shipment calculated?

If you are moving within the city, then the shipping charges depend on the distance between the two places. If you are moving across the state, the shipment charges roughly depend upon the weight of your possessions.

What should I do with my valuable items like jewellery?

We can include your valuable items in your shipment but you have to inform the mover first. If the mover is not informed about any such items beforehand, he will not take any responsibility for it.

Am I being protected if my stuff gets lost or damaged?

Yes, we take complete responsibility for the safety of your belongings.

What is an order of service?

Order of Service is a document that authorizes the mover to ship your possessions. It’s not a contract, it only notes and confirms the estimated shipping cost and the charges of other services asked (if any).

Will the driver load all the boxes in the van?

Yes, our movers will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Do I really need to be present throughout my move?

Not necessarily. You can just give complete instructions to the moving manager and leave if you want.

When can I get the cheapest rates for moving?

Our rates don’t vary that much but if you want to get the cheapest rates, try not to schedule your move during summers.

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