One of the increasingly common trends in the United States is middle-class people moving to the suburbs. People find suburbs an ideal place to raise their kids and where they can retire later on and live peacefully. The stereotype that poverty resides largely in the suburbs has outdated. In fact, suburbs now are considered a synonym to the American Dream.

Dawn of the Modern Suburb

The middle-class Americans are moving away from the cities to the suburbs because of the inexpensive lifestyle, inexpensive property rates, and overall healthier living environment. Suburbs have shaped the habits of car dependency, commuting and spending and saving patterns. It also enriched the experience of issues as diverse as race, taxes, privacy, community, and nature for its inhabitants. The American suburbs are now an equally critical economic landscape. They have good office employment opportunities and are home to a number of high-tech industries. Another important reason for middle-class people moving to the suburbs is the secure neighborhood. High-quality educational institutes and hospitals are relocating to suburbs as well.

A result of Middle-Class Americans Moving to the Suburbs

As a result of middle-class Americans moving to the suburbs, the inner cities lost revenue and began to economically decline. The cities riding major economic booms are losing the greatest proportion of their middle-class population and as a result, are losing a fair amount of their market share.

Two of the top three expensive cities of the United States including San Francisco, New York, and Washington have experienced the greatest migration of its citizens who were earning $60,000 or less. This might not be a very pleasing situation for some people but it does have a lot of benefits.

Suburbs are now evolving and are adapting to the demands of its citizens. The growing trend of moving to the suburbs has made it possible for middle-class Americans to own their dream house with big lawns and live a comparatively inexpensive life whilst enjoying nature. These suburbs have all the facilities that a big city offers to its citizens like quality educational institutes, medical services, and employment opportunities.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity for people with low-income living in the cities to move to the suburbs and enjoy the perks of living an inexpensive quality life.