With the current technological improvements, many home movers tend to look online and use famous sites like Craigslist, to hire affordable help with their moving. There are so many people on Craigslist that are willing to lend a helping hand in the moving process at a much cheaper price than the reputable insured companies, hence, people are really tempted to hire them. But then the question arises, are these lenders really reliable?

Craigslist can surely be an affordable and convenient place for hiring movers as you can avail immediate services without having to go through organizational procedures, paperwork and the long waiting time. Hiring Movers from Craigslist, however, does come with certain risks and vulnerabilities.

Here are some pros and cons of using Craigslist Movers that we strongly recommend you to go through to analyze your options and make a decision.


Pros of Hiring Movers on Craigslist

1- Budget-Friendly

The biggest reason people are attracted to Craigslist’s mover is that they are really affordable compared to the licensed moving companies. Most of the movers from Craigslist are just looking for some extra bucks. So, craigslist is the perfect place to find cheap services. Then even often give you discounted coupons for further lower rates.

2- Time-Saving

Craigslist’s primary goal is the convenience of its customers. It has a very simple user interface, you just go to the website, search for the service, and seal the deal with a suitable person. Unlike with professional moving companies, you don’t have to register first and then wait for your turn.

If your shortlisted mover is not available at your convenient time, you can always switch back to another one.

3- Beneficiary for the Mover

Most of the movers who put ads on Craigslist are usually trying to earn some extra money to run their households or pay their tuition fees. So obviously if you do hire one of those people, you will be helping them financially. Helping someone in need is definitely a good feeling.



Cons of Hiring Movers on Craigslist

1- Scams

 Hiring craigslist’s scam movers is one of the most common threats in the last few years. One of the setbacks that Craigslist site has is it’s easier for these scammers to stay anonymous. While most people are happy that they don’t have to go through a lot of paperwork, it does bring a lot of risks.

If there is no written agreement, no insurance on the safety of your belongings, who will you held responsible if things go wrong. Most scammers actually do hide their identity on the site, so in that case, even Police can’t help you to get your belongings and money back.

2- Lack of Professionalism

People who put ads on Craigslist are usually doing this as their part-time job. So, they don’t have the proper skills or techniques to help you efficiently relocate. They can’t take care of your belongings, especially the fragile items like a professional would do.

In some cases, they don’t even have the proper equipment to help you pack your stuff and load it in the truck. So even if you are lucky to hire some honest movers on craigslist, they won’t get your job done as efficiently as a professional and trained mover would.

3- Lack of Insurance

 One of the greatest problems with Craigslist Movers is the lack of insurance. They will not take any responsibility for the safe and secure transit of your belongings. This could mean a lot worse for people who have delicate items like fancy china or any antique items in their possessions.

This can also mean that if any of your items or even a whole box gets lost during the transit, Craigslist Movers will not take responsibility for it.

4-Deceiving Ads

 The discount codes and catchy ads will surely get your attention and delude you into believing that you will be getting professional services at cheaper prices. But beware that most of these ads are just to get your attention.

Usually, these movers on Craigslist are not completely honest about their rates and level of expertise. They might cause severe damage to your items or one way or another to steal your money and your possessions which will cost you much greater price eventually.


How to Avoid Scams from Craigslist Movers

  • Get References

 If you happen to like a certain ad on Craigslist, do your research first. Ask around from people who had used services from Craigslist Movers recently. It’s usually not easy to get the background check of the movers you find on Craigslist. But you can still try to look for reviews from the previous customers, company’s online presence, their past contracts, their social media profile, etc. to get a better idea of what you will be dealing with.

  • Get Everything on Paper

Before finalizing the deal with your potential mover, ask them to write the estimated cost on paper and get it signed. You should also ask about the charges of any additional services you would require, conditions of unforeseen circumstances that might happen and other relocation difficulties like stairs, roofs etc. and get it in writing.

Make sure that you write all of the terms and conditions and the expected final rate of the movers and get it signed. This way, there are slightly fewer chances that your mover will ask for extra money or will try to scam you in any other way.

  • Don’t Pay Upfront

Don’t make the mistake of paying upfront to your Craigslist mover. Because if you do so, chances are you will never get to see him again. If the mover demands for advance payment, you should really consider hiring someone else.

  • Get Thorough and Personal

While hiring a mover, you should be up close and personal. If a mover only wants to deal on phone and refuses to meet with you, it is a warning sign that they are unreliable. Even when you meet your potential movers and they don’t give you a good vibe or you don’t feel comfortable around them, you should consider hiring someone else.

  • Look for the Warning Signs

Give extra attention to little details about your mover, for example, vague description of services, extremely low prices, lack of complete information and telephonic or email conversations only are a big red flag. If you spot any of these signs, look for a more reputable and honest moving company.

It might seem more convenient and cheaper to hire movers from Craigslist but remember you need to find reliable and honest movers for your moving process to go smoothly. If you know someone personally or had a good reference from someone then go ahead with your Craigslist Mover. Otherwise, try to analyze these pros and cons according to your personal circumstances and then decide.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.