Whether you are moving just across the town or to a whole new city, Moving is really a dreadful nightmare for almost all of us. This is mostly because moving comes with a lot of both physical and mental effort. The idea of settling into your new space is really exciting but also does make you nervous somehow.

When moving, one of the most difficult tasks is packing because if you don’t pack carefully, there are a number of surprises that you should get ready for. Packing your shoes, however, is not only a challenge but an art. You might be tempted to throw them all in one big box or a plastic bag but it would only put them at the risk of serious physical damage.

Shoes are bulky, come in delicate shapes, and not to mention are our most beloved possessions. Therefore, they need just a tiny bit of extra care when you are packing them for your move. Beside, no one really wants broken heels and flat soles.

So, here we are with some hacks that will make your shoe packaging handy and safe so that none of your shoes get damaged during the transition.

1. Use Bubble Wraps instead of Plastic Bags

Try to use bubble wraps instead of plastic bags for packing your shoes.
As plastic bags tend to easily rip especially if you are packing your heels or other bulky shoes in it. If you don’t have enough bubble wraps available, use them to cover the heels and buckles only as it will keep them safer.

Bubble wraps are also good to use if you don’t want your dirty shoes to rub off on each other. Just make sure, that your shoes are completely dry before you start packing them because if you pack your shoes wet by mistake, it will lead to mold in your shoes.

2. Pack the Nicer Pairs Separately

You will definitely be more paranoid if one of your nicer pairs of shoes like Long-Boots or High-heels gets damaged or broken during your transition. So it is advised that you box up each one of these pairs separately and with proper wrapping paper around it.

If you don’t have the boxes saved that your shoes came in, that’s not a problem. You can always use the spare boxes at your home or buy a new one from a utility store or online.

3.  Use Clean Packing Papers

To avoid the most common physical damages like smudge marks or smashed shoes, use clean packing papers. You might consider using a newspaper or tissue paper for the purpose but beware they are very likely to leave stains on your shoes.

You can instead use paper towels for the purpose.

4. Tie Sneakers together by the laces

You probably won’t be packing your shoes like sneakers in separate boxes because if you do, you will probably run out of space. In this case, try to keep the pair together by tying their laces together. This way they won’t get lost while transitioning and you won’t have to get through the whole pile to retrieve a shoe’s match.

5. Stuff Each Pair with Paper or Socks

In order to keep the shape of your shoes intact, try stuffing them with a pair of socks or simple packing paper. And if you do decide to pack shoes your socks, it will also save you some space.

6. Discard your Old Shoes

There is a possibility that you have a lot of shoes in your closet that you probably haven’t worn in years. Your move to your new home is your chance to get rid of those unwanted pairs. It will not only save you from the hassle of packing and unpacking but will also save some space in your shipment as well.

If you have some valuable shoes in your possession that you just don’t want to throw away, you can host a garage sale for them or you can simply donate them even. Another option is to give them away to your friends and family so it will be a win-win situation.

7. Pack Heavy Shoes First  

Always pack the heavy and bulky shoes at the bottom. It will eliminate the possibility of your heavy shoes pressing down and ruining the shape of the shoes at the bottom.

This practice will also even out the weight and will make it easier for you to carry the container.

8. Use Tea Bags to Keep your Shoes Firm

Place tea bags in your shoes while you are packing them for moving, it will remove the bad odors from your shoes and will help in keeping them firm and fresh.

It is also advised that you put your shoes air out overnight, this will remove any odors from your shoes and will make them dry. 

9. Transit everyday shoes separately

Put some comfortable everyday shoes separately that you will be needing in the first couple of days after your move. This way you will not have to go through the entire stock of shoes before you have unpacked.

Now, you are all ready to pack your shoes efficiently during your move. If you need more tips and guides during your moving or packing process, head to our blog section or feel free to contact us any time!!